Home technology installed by professionals

For over two decades SEA Audio Visual Ltd has provided Smart Home solutions for our clients across the UK

Control4 Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is more popular than ever before. With todays smart home technology powered by Control4, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Whether you’re building your dream home, re-modelling, or would like to upgrade the technology in your existing home, let us show you what a smart home by SEA Audio Visual can do for your family.

Home Cinema

Recreate the big screen in the comfort of your own home

We make dreams come true with our home cinema design and installation services.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting brings ambiance, convenience, energy efficiency and security to your whole home. Smart lighting from Control4 will enhance your home both inside and out.


One remote from Control4 does it all. 

Intuitively programmed just for you.

One single click can turn on the TV, select your favourite channel, dim the lights and close the shades. Perfect!


Listen in one room or everywhere. That’s what todays whole home audio is about.

Stream your favourite playlists in any room of your home, even take it outside.


Intelligent security gives you peace of mind knowing your family is safe and secure.

CCTV, lighting and intercom either all standalone or fully integrated into Control4. 


Without a robust home network, your ability to work, play and stream are severely limited.

SEA Audio Visual use heat mapping software to ensure your entire house and garden have a WiFi network that can handle everything you want to do.

Heating Control

Control4 intelligent heating and simple smartphone app can enable you to return from work or holiday to a warm, comfortable home without having wasted any energy unnecessarily heating an empty property while you are out.

Motorised Shades

Motorised blinds and curtains can bring an elegance and wow to a home. With simple App control, and/or a dedicated engraved button on a lighting keypad, automatically close when the movie starts or even a program a sunset / sunrise timer.

Assisted Technology

Independence through technology.

A wheelchair mounted phone or tablet running the Control4 APP will give freedom like never before, from opening automated doors, answering your intercom, adjusting your heating, to enjoying your favourite TV and music.