Wifi Networks

“Constantly, reliably connected”

Connectivity is a modern-day must-have. Constant access to the online world is becoming less of a choice and more of a necessity but often there are challenges. Older homes with thick, signal-sapping walls and large buildings with vast expanses of space can leave you reaching to awkward angles to pick up WiFi signal. In the past, the go-to solution may have been either to cable you entire property and risk mess, damage and disrupted carpets; or to choose DIY plug-ins that could interfere with radio signals and drop-out on decrepit ring mains.

You could, however, have seamless internet connectivity for your devices and smart home systems with a modern, professionally installed WiFi network that is secure yet reaches the extremities of your property (inside and out). Some old WiFi networks might begin to slow and become unstable when more devices connect but an SEA Wifi network will mean you will never lose signal or compromise internet speed for streaming, video chat, home control or browsing ever again. 

  • Stay connected to the internet wherever you are at home
  • Stable, robust access to all your home’s smart systems via WiFi
  • Eliminate the need for untidy cabling
  • Stay secure with a parallel guest WiFi network so your visitors don’t compromise your personal files
  • Never struggle for signal or speed when many devices connect