Smart technology simplified

What if everything in your home could be connected and, in doing so, could work together effortlessly to make you more comfortable and give you more time?


By connecting your devices, systems and appliances you can control lights, ventilation, operate blinds, secure your home and adjust your heating, through one system, from anywhere in the world. You can distribute all your audio and video services such as Sky, Virgin, Netflix, and Amazon to name just a few, without the need for multiple set top boxes and multiple different remotes.

Control4 Smart Home systems from SEA Audio Visual give you limitless command over virtually every connected or connectable device and system you own whether you’re home or away. Control4 can automatically reshape your environment to match your mood or the time of day. What’s more, the discrete nature of a Control4 system means the technology disappears into a central control cabinet that is tucked away so you can simply interact with your favourite movies and playlists from an easy-to-use, intuitive interface such as a handheld remote, smartphone or table-top touch screen. Control4 is modular, robust and so reliable that it is the perfect solution to power any size of smart home.

Home Automation systems from SEA connect your favourite pieces of technology together into a single control application. This can then be programmed to best fit your lifestyle, activating your connected technologies individually or in pre-programmed sequences. This could be as simple as playing your playlist, dimming the lights and closing your blinds when you arrive home at night or as complex as seamlessly operating an automatic holiday scene that creates the impression that someone is home even when you are thousands of miles away.

The applications of Home Automation systems are endless and SEA are specialists in helping you pick out and automate those parts of your lifestyle that matter the most to you. What’s more is that  Control4 Home Automation systems are modular, meaning you can automate the most simple and mundane elements of your lifestyle and grow to a fully-automated smart home.

  • Declutter your audio visual equipment and do-away with the wires and set-top-boxes connected to your TVs
  • Check door locks, secure entry ways and keep an eye on your home with CCTV systems and a simple mobile app
  • Create the impression that you’re home from thousands of miles away or even just round the corner with randomised lighting scenes that deter would-be intruders
  • Easily control your blinds and curtains at the touch of a button either independently, together or as part of a pre-programme scene
  • Stream your favourite music throughout your house or different playlists in each room
  • Recreate the perfect cinema experience without leaving your home with earth-rattling surround sound, adaptive lighting and crystal clear 4k high-definition video
  • Reclaim your coffee table from all your remotes and control all your entertainment systems from just one remote control, smart phone App or in wall touchscreen
  • Never lose internet signal again with expertly installed wifi networks
  • Create an ambiance that compliments your decor and your mood and even create starry-night skies whilst maximising energy efficiency

A smart home system by Control4 is custom designed just for you and your family