Assisted Technology

Independence through technology

Occupational Health adjustments to your home are traditionally highly utilitarian, clunky and serve only your minimum requirements. Warden chords, panic buttons and safety lighting – to name just a few – are designed so you can survive, not thrive. Often, even after installation, your Occupational Health equipment does not remove many of the day-to-day struggles you face that mount up and make life difficult. Smart, assisted technology adjustments to your home can ease a much broader range of problems to make you more comfortable and remove many of the barriers you face on a daily basis and importantantly don’t make your home look like a clinic. 

In situations where mobility is a constant issue, smart control over your access control, heating, lighting and entertainment can save many painful or, sometimes, impossible (yet always unnecessary) journeys around your home. You can feel safe and secure with instant access to a video intercom connected to your front door.

Having constant control over your home from your smartphone or touch screen panels within your home means you no longer have to struggle to feel warm, safe or secure, allowing you to enjoy your home in greater comfort in your connected environment         

SEA Audio Visual can do all the below and much much more using your phone or tablet and a simple to use personally programmed Control4 system and APP used free hand or mounted onto a wheel chair.      

  • Turn on lights when entering/exiting rooms or just to feel safer in your own home
  • Open and close internal and external doors
  • Open and close windows and blinds 
  • Monitor your CCTV system and lock all the doors with a touch of a button
  • Receive visual notifications of calls or visitors with intelligent smart lighting
  • Stay connected to the online world with strong reliable WiFi
  • Watch and listen to your favourite shows in any room of your home without the need for additional set-top-boxes or more messy cables
  • Adjust the internal heating and cooling to your home.