“Fill your home with your favourite music in one room, or every room”

In the age of smartphones, high technology and music streaming services, you should be able to experience your favourite music anywhere in your home. However, it is so often the case that traditional speaker systems tether you to one room. This could mean you’re missing the best parts of your favourite song or audiobook and are left straining to hear the muffled audio from another room without the ability to adjust the volume, skip track or press pause.

Instead, a multi-room audio system can allow you to maintain the same music experience room-to-room through a network of ceiling speakers. You can enjoy access to millions of songs through all popular music services from your centralised music server or by streaming from any portable device. Controlled by your phone or in-wall touch-screens, you can either listen to your personal playlist in every room, or play classical in the living room, jazz in the kitchen, Summer anthems around the BBQ and teenage Rock in the kids’ rooms, all at the same time.

Your Control4 Multi Room Audio system from SEA can even integrate with pre-defined lighting, heating and home entertainment scenes to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Listen to your favourite music or audiobook from anywhere in your home
  • Stream audio from different music services in each separate room
  • Manage the volume, start or stop music with a single tap
  • Stream music from any portable device or your central music library direct to to your speakers
  • Never lose audio quality when moving around your home ever again
  • Have constant control of your audio from every room in your home

Outdoor Living

Your music and TV doesn’t have to be only indoors. We offer a wide range of services to create beautiful outdoor living spaces, controlled landscape lighting, discreet music speakers hidden within planting and watch large weatherproof TV’s on the terrace or in the hottub.