Smart Lighting

“Smart Lighting brings ambiance, convenience, energy efficiency and security to your whole home”

A Smart Lighting system allows you to control all the lighting circuits in your house, individually or together, from your smartphone, anywhere in the world. This could be as simple as turning lights on and off when motion is detected or using pre-programmed scenes to create an ambiance alongside your favourite playlist, all controlled from a simple, engraved lighting keypad.  Smart Lighting systems can also integrate with your security system to illuminate your home when you detect or suspect a threat; to turn all lights off at the touch of a button before bed or in conjunction with your fire-safety system to light a safe exit route from your property.

Smart Lighting could be used in your home to enhance your other media systems, dimming the lights in your home cinema when the movie begins or lighting your drive and hallways when you arrive home. Intelligent outdoor sensors control your outdoor lights at dusk, dawn and dark periods of cloudy days, and indoor sensors can switch off lights when rooms are unoccupied, maximising energy efficiency.

  • Turn all lights on when you hear an intruder at night
  • Easy-to-use lighting scenes can be used to create the appearance that your home is occupied, even when you’re away
  • Dim and change the colours of your room to match pre-programmed scene
  • Light an emergency exit route through your property at the touch of a button
  • Light your hallway to welcome you home at night
  • Gently wake up each morning by slowly increasing the brightness of your bedroom at a pre-programmed time
  • Turn lights off when leaving your property from a single button at your front door
  • Automatically dim the lights when your movie starts