“Intelligent security gives you peace of mind knowing your family is safe and secure”

Keep your family and home safe, and deter criminals from damaging or intruding on your property. Home security systems including CCTV, motion sensors and smart locks give you the control to keep you and those most precious to you safe and sound.

Finding a complete security system that works together to keep you safe can be difficult. You could be left exposed if you fail to properly set and monitor all your individual systems. Keys get lost, CCTV recorders run out of storage and alarms malfunction. In extreme cases your safety, and that of your loved ones could be compromised.

Instead, you could monitor all of your security provisions in one place, setting them at the touch of a button and have the power to check on your home from anywhere in the world. This can integrate with your smart lighting control system to turn lights on and off at designated time or when your alarm or motion sensors are triggered whilst the security system is activated.

A connected home security system from SEA works alongside your existing alarm system to keep your family secure. Your system can monitor everything from access and intrusion to detecting smoke and alert you when your children arrive home safe from school.


  • Track daily comings and goings
  • A bedside display indicates which doors are locked and which have been left open at night
  • Connect with your lighting system to schedule lights-on and off throughout the day
  • Receive notifications when someone is on your property
  • Check who is at the door or monitor a sleeping baby from your mobile app
  • Assign temporary access codes for tradespeople
  • A bedside panic button triggers all house lights on
  • Access your CCTV on your smart phone at anytime of day, from anywhere